Kaybee Doors have been selling internal doors , external doors , folding and sliding doors for over 30 years.Kaybee Doors also offer a huge range of external oak doors along with our internal doors. We also offer a huge range of composite doors in many different colours.Our internal doors range is growing all the time and we are looking to add more doors this is true also for our external doors range.The door furniture range is growing and now has some of the best value handles on the market today.

doors are of the highest quality. When buying doors, whether interior doors or external doors we know that value for money is important to you and we are so confident in our prices that we have a price match promise on all our doors, that includes internal doors, external doors.

All pine internal doors and external doors are stamped FSC proving that they are from sustainable sources,where possible we source all our other doors, whether interior doors or external doors from sustainable sources too.

The fact is, if we wouldn't have our internal doors and external doors in our homes then they will not be sold on our site.

If you are looking for internal doors, external doors, folding doors, composite doors, Kaybee Doors should be your first port of call.

Doors have been made from timber for thousands of years. Timber is such a versatile material. It can take many years for a tree to grow to maturity. We only use timber from sustained sources. Nearly all our timber doors are now FSC. This guarantees the timber is from a sustainable source. This means that the timber will be available for many years to come. It also guarantees that the timber is not being cut from hardwood trees that are endangered, such as teak and Brazilian mahogany. Timber doors can be made from oak, walnut, pine and other types of timber.

Timber Doors are now manufactured from engineered components. This means that the doors will be a veneer of oak, hardwood, pine etc. over a composite core which may consist of any of the following; Timber, MDF or mixed core. Doors of this nature are referred to "Solid Core".

 The advantages of an engineered / Veneered timber door are:

1) The timbers in the styles and panels will match almost perfectly. (When doors were made from one piece solid timber it was quite common for the panels and styles not to match being quite different shades).

2) The door will not twist or warp. (When doors were made from one piece solid timber we regularly received complaints about warped or twisted doors. Due to the engineering manufacturing process It has been many years since we last received a complaint about a door that has twisted or warped).

3) The doors are cheaper to produce and therefore we can pass on the saving to our customers. (Timber prices have risen massively over the last 10 years. If we were to produce a door with one piece solid timber it may cost over 10 times the price of a veneered engineered door).

4) As no timber is wasted it is much kinder to the environment. (Any mismatching timber is used on the inside of the door and not burned as it used to be. This means that there is almost no wastage).

 One piece solid timber doors have not been available from major importers/ suppliers for many years now.

One of the reasons people ask us if our doors are solid or veneered is that they need to trim the doors. In 98% of cases customers can trim the doors to their required size. Over 80% of our doors can be no be trimmed by up to 16mm on each side some doors can be trimmed by even more (please ask us for more information).  

We buy our internal doors and external doors from supplier within the country and from many other countries including Europe, the Far East and Brazil to ensure we can give you the best quality internal doors and external doors.

All the doors are manufactured from sustainable timber forests. All real timber doors, oak external doors or pine external door etc. are now engineered which means they have a thick veneer of real oak timber over a solid core. This means that mismatching timber that at one time would have been destroyed is used on the inside and the matching timber is used on the outside of our doors. This has the advantage of the internal doors and external doors being much stronger and far less likely not to twist or warp. In fact we can not recall the last time we found an engineered door internal or external  that had warped.

This method of producing real timber doors has been used for over 15 years on both internal doors and external doors with huge success. So whatever type of external doors, interior doors  you choose, oak doors or pine doors, etc. you get the best quality internal doors or external doors available.

Our internal doors come in over a thousand different styles and in the case of some internal doors over fourteen different sizes to choose from, so you should always be able to get the internal doors that are right for you and your home.

We sell oak doors, hardwood doors, clear pine doors, pitch pine doors and walnut doors. All our interior doors are of the highest quality. There are many different categories within internal doorsto choose from. You will not find a larger range of doors in the county. Add this to our price match promise on all our doors, interior or external, and we believe that this make Kaybee Doors the best for internal doors or external doors in the UK.

We offer a huge range of door furniture in contemporary and traditional designs which complement our internal doors and external doors perfectly. We offer handles, hinges and locks in different finishes which include polished chrome, satin chrome, stainless steel and brass.

There are massive discounts available and you can save up to 75% on internal doors, their are also great savings on our external doors. Most of the handles are manufactured in Italy and the Far East thus matching the quality of our internal doors and external doors.

Internal doors and external doors are finished  by our own factory which can stain, paint or varnish your internal doors or external doors. We only use the best quality paint stain and varnish. All our stains and varnishes are Ronseal which is one of the best known products on the market and in our opinion is of the highest quality to match the quality of our interior doors and external doors.

The colours available for internal doors are Antique Pine, Beech, Clear, Deep Mahogany, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Teak, Walnut, clear and white. For external doors Antique Pine, Dark Oak, Deep Mahogany, Mahogany, Rosewood, Teak, walnut, Clear and White.

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