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  • Bi Fold doors Liverpool

    At Kaybee Doors Liverpool we have a large and comprehensive selection of Bi Fold doors amongst our range of doors.

    Our doors come in a range of sizes and finishes so you should always be able to find exactly what you need.

    Bi-folding doors have several names such as concertina doors, zig-zag doors, sliding folding doors or simply folding doors. The various names are good for visually describing a bi-fold door, which comprise three or more doors engineered to close together and to open as a unit.

    Bi-fold doors are designed to maximise the door area of your home and provide an exciting, unusual and attractive alternative to the usual standard patio doors or French doors.

    Here at Kaybee Doors in Liverpool, we have a full range of bifold doors to suit all budgets and we can deliver anywhere in Liverpool and the rest of the United Kingdom. We have been established for many years and our primary objective is the happiness and satisfaction of our clients.

    Being based in Liverpool the majority of our clients are from the Wirral, Cheshire, Liverpool, Manchester and North Wales regions. We have, however, completed projects for clients wider a field and will happily advise on and complete installations throughout the United Kingdom.

    Should you need any advice or assistance then please do feel free to give us a call with your enquiry. Whether it is for Bi-fold doors, Solid Oak Doors or even internal Fire Doors, at Kaybee Doors Liverpool we are here to help.

  • Fire Doors Chester

    Fire doors are the very important and here at kaybee doors we have a wide selection of safe and secure Fire Doors Chester.

    Fire doors have two important functions in a fire; when closed they delay/stop the spread of fire and when open they provide a safer means of escape. To delay the spread of smoke and fire, fire doors close automatically and are used to compartmentalise buildings. As these ‘compartments’ are linked by fire doors they also create a safer flow of traffic to the emergency exits.

    What is a fire door?

    According to the Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers Association (ASDMA) a fire door is:

    "A complete installed door assembly comprising doorframe, door leaves, other panels, hardware, seals and any glazing that when closed is intended to resist the passage of fire and smoke in accordance with specified performance criteria. A fire door = a complete installed assembly."

    At kaybee doors all our sales staff have the knowledge you need. For more information about our fire doors Manchester. Call us on 0151 709 6274 or email .

  • Fire Doors Liverpool

    Fire Doors Liverpool

    Internal doors may be required to be fire rated if they are on an escape route or form part of the compartmentation of the building. The fire rating will be achieved by an appropriate assembly of the door leaf, frame and associated hardware.

    Building owners, installers, inspectors and maintainers must ensure that a fire door can function correctly in the event of a fire. For this to happen it should be certificated to demonstrate that it can do so. Fire door task relies on the correct operation of other components such as the door frame, hinges, closers, seals and glazing systems.

    Here at Kaybee Doors we stock Fire Doors in Liverpool in a range of styles and finishes to suit all of your needs and we can deliver to and around the Liverpool area.

    For more information about our fire doors in Liverpool please contact us on 0151 709 6274. We are happy to provide you to the correct product at the correct price and look forward to speaking to you regarding fire doors in Liverpool.

  • Internal Fire doors Manchester

    Internal Fire doors Manchester

    Kaybee offer a wide range of internal fire doors. Fire doors are an essential element in the passive fire protection of buildings. Nearly all buildings, with the exception of most domestic dwellings, are required to have fire doors to ensure adequate compartmentation.

    The correct specification, installation and maintenance of fire doors and their components is vitally important in ensuring that property and lives are protected – if not, then building owners may be prosecuted.
    Kaybee doors offer a wide range of Internal Fire doors Manchester , fire doors pre-finished oak, fire doors pre-finished walnut, fire doors white pre-primed and many more.

    If you are unsure on what you require please call our friendly sale staff on:  0151 709 6274

  • Oak Fire Door Chester

    Oak Fire doors are specified more and more in new build projects and loft extensions. Here at Kaybee Doors we stock Oak Fire Door in Chester in a vast of styles and finishes to suit all of your needs and we can deliver to the Chester area amongst others.

    All our ranges are available in traditional and contemporary styles. Aside from just Oak, our Fire Doors are also available in White, Pine and Walnut.

    The range of Glazed Oak Fire Doors is quite extensive with options in most cases to have clear or sandblast glass. Oak Fire Doors can be hung as pairs (we would definitely recommend that you speak with your fire officer before doing this to obtain their approval).

    Most importantly we carry in stock a huge range of oak fire doors in sizes both imperial and metric. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details or to discuss you requirement for Oak Fire Doors in Chester.

    Please do feel free to browse our website or give us a call and we will give you all of the advice you need regarding oak fire doors in Chester. We are happy to guide you to the correct product at the correct price and look forward to speaking to you regarding Oak Fire Doors in Chester.

  • Fire Doors Manchester

    Here a Kaybee Doors we can supply a wide range of fire doors to the manchester. The fire doors we have will suit your every need, including oak fire doors, prefinished fire doors and white pre primed fire doors.

    How fire doors work?

    Buildings are compartmentalised to delay the spread of fire from one area to another. These areas of the building are usually linked by fire doors allowing flow around the building.

    Fire doors have two important functions in a fire, when closed they create a barrier and when opened they provide an escape.

    A well designed timber fire door will delay the spread of fire and smoke without causing too much hindrance to the movement of people.

    Required to provide resistance to the passage of a well-developed fire must be fitted with intumescent seals. These seals remain dormant under normal conditions but expand greatly in the heat of a fire to close the gap between the door and its frame.
    As smoke spread is an even greater threat to life and property than flames, particularly in the early stages of a fire, fire doors should also be fitted with a ‘cold smoke’ seal to prevent the ingress of smoke around the door edges. Combined smoke and intumescent seals protect from all aspects of fire in a single unit
    At kaybee doors all our sales staff have the knowledge you need. For more information about our fire doors Manchester. Call us on 0151 709 6274 or email .

  • Oak Internal Doors Chester

    Supplying Internal Oak Doors to Chester is something that Kaybee have specialised in for over 30 years. With ever increasing styles and sizes now becoming available we are currently able to offer a larger choice than ever before. Internal Oak Doors seem to be a staple for the Chester area as they really offer the wow factor. There is a door to suit every style and taste. Every property, big or small and every budget allowed. Doors can be treated with paint, stain, varnish and even Osmo Polyx®-Oil- microporus so achieving the finish you want can always be obtained. The ever popular DX style is a great traditional choice with homes circa 1930. For a more modern taste you could choose our Vancouver, Palermo or even the Treviso or Salerno range. There really is a door Chester for everyone. You may like one of our new doors with an aluminium inlay called the Forli, Caserta, Portici or Barletta. These doors are available to order and provide a very modern look to any interior. A quirky new range of Internal Oak Door Chester is the Altino and Taranto range which offer patterns routed into the face of the door. Each one is available with glass too so letting light through to another room should not need be a worry. Doors are very much part of the interior design of many homes and work spaces truly enhancing the appeal and aesthetics of the area in which they are fitted. Long gone are the days with just basic choices, now they are available to suit many sizes with many new designs released every year. Now the hard part is not the limited availability of choices for Internal Oak Doors Chester, it is narrowing down the ranges to find your ideal pick.

  • Oak Internal Doors Liverpool

    We have probably sold more oak internal doors in Liverpool that any other privately owned door company. Over the years we have sold tens of thousands of them in Liverpool. The name Kaybee is trusted not just in Liverpool for doors, but thanks to the introduction of the internet and the launch of our internet site, around the country as well. We have also sold oak doors to countries as far away as Australia and the Falkland Islands. When we first received enquirers from these countries for doors we did think someone was playing a joke on us. This was not the case. We found that the enquirers were from people who had purchased doors from Kaybee doors in the U.K and were now living in Australia and the Falklands etc. We have also received orders for doors from people who have moved from Liverpool to other parts of the country, such is the trust that people have in doors from Kaybee Doors. Of course they do not have to worry about the quality of their oak doors as all the doors are now engineered. That is to say the doors have a thick veneer over a solid internal core. One of the advantages of this is that oak internal doors are far less likely to twist or warp. Also manufacturing doors this way is much better for the environment as all the timber is used in the production of internal doors as all the timber is used in the door. Mismatching timber is used on the inside of the door. This means that all the oak tree can be utilised with little or no wastage. Using this method of manufacturing also keeps the costs down meaning oak internal doors are cost you less.

  • Oak Internal Doors

    So you have decided you want to purchase oak internal doors and solid oak internal doors.

    There are a huge range of oak doors to choose from. Until approximately ten years ago there was only a choice of a handful of oak internal doors. These days you have hundreds of designs to choose from. We are asked if our oak doors are solid oak. The answer to this is that all internal oak doors are engineered these days. This means they have a genuine oak veneer over the top of a solid mixed core. If you ask other doors companies if there doors are solid they will tell you they are. The question to ask is if they sell solid oak internal doors. As I have already stated one piece oak doors no longer exist or at least they are as rare as hens teeth, as the saying goes. The reason for the change over the years to engineered doors is due to cost and environmental concerns. By utilising the mismatching timber on the inside of the door you can use all the tree. Years ago the mismatching timber may have been destroyed. Using oak veneer means that all of the panels and styles will match. Another advantage of engineering is that they are very unlikely to warp or twist, like one piece solid oak doors. In fact in many years and tens of thousands of doors sold by ourselves we cannot recall ever receiving a complaint regarding twisting and warping. There is a misconception that internal doors cannot be trimmed anymore. This is not true. For many years you have always been able to trim oak doors, up to six millimetres from each edge. Things have moved on again and now many of our doors can be trimmed by up to eighteen millimetres from each side.

  • If you thought DIY is all about indulging in boredom, think again?

    So you've bought your internal doors or some door handles and now it’s time to get on and start fitting them – are you going to be bored – well read on. DIY is a hands-on and practical job, but at the same time is something that doesn’t require too much brain power. When you are trying to read or write, or when you’re doing maths...

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