How to achieve the rustic look in your home

A beautifully rustic style can give you a space to relax away from the modern hustle and bustle of everyday life. The look brings simplicity and peace to any home. It promotes an atmosphere of harmonious nature through soft colours, solid wood and natural materials.

It’s an interior design style that never goes out of fashion. In fact, it’s still a preferred choice of today's modern millennials within their homes. So, if you can hit all the right tones when creating a rustic design, it’s a style you can keep for a very long time, with a few updates here and there. But how do you go about implementing it in your home?

From the many homes we’ve seen during our 40 years in the door industry, we take a look at the key design elements, you need to consider when creating this look in your home.


For us, it all begins with the materials you choose. Fill your home with natural, imperfect and organic materials. Wood, usually Oak, is the obvious choice for cabinets and shelves. When adding different trinkets, and design pieces look for items that are from old-fashioned materials such as, reclaimed driftwood, jute, wool, wicker and similar materials.


Although you’re creating a brand new design, with a rustic interior, not all your features have to be brand new. Upcycling old furniture is a great way to add key pieces to your home that really bring out the rustic design. Either shop around for pieces that are worn and weathered by a professional. Or if you love a DIY project, why not have a go yourself. There are some fantastic tutorials across the internet that can help you create unique pieces for your home.

Skirting and flooring

If you want to give a professional finish to your interior, a wooden floor with complementary skirting board is a must. Wooden fixtures, such as your floor or doors, will be the basis of a great rustic interior. Plus, it’s easy to clean and the durable finish means it’s great for families or homes with pets who’d prefer not to spend hours hoovering. To finish off your floor add a natural coloured, soft rug that exudes cosy comfort.


Rustic homes are often built around colours that compliment the design, not overpower it. Soft paint colours such as olive greens, taupe's, subtle creams and soft greys. These neutral colours will bring peace and tranquillity to the room and are a great perfect base for your furnishings. Remember when choosing your colours, you want them to blend into the room and not become the focus.


We’d say doors are the key to finishing off the rustic look no matter which room you're working with. Remember your door will reflect your room’s feel before it is even entered. So, having a door that projects your design is a must.

As we’ve mentioned wood is a feature any modern rustic look will include, so our internal and external oak doors are perfect for any home trying to achieve this look. Plus, we offer a painting a staining service, giving you a choice of finishes that will suit the colours and furnishings of your chosen room.

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