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We listen to our customers suggestions!

We listen to our customers and welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our website.

a) You asked us if we could make it possible to purchase mutiple sizes at the same time?

  - We totally agreed that this would make it much quicker and easier. This is now possible.

b) You asked us if we could make it possible to add quanties on the product page rather than just the basket?

 - This can now be done on every product.

c) A number of customers suggested that it would be a good idea if they could order the finishing of their door(s) at the same time as ordering the size?

-  Although this was not quite as simple as we first thought, we persevered and this is now possible?

d) Customers asked us if they could be quoted an accurate delivery price no matter where they live in the country?

-  You can now enter your postcode before paying and see exactly what you will pay for delivery before entering all your details.

e) We were asked if the quick contact form could be made easier and quicker?

-  We have made the quick contact form much quicker and easier by removing the captcha. We now use an algorithm that filters out spam, so you do not have to fill in one of those incomprehensable catptcha's anymore.


f) You asked us to make the search bar larger and more visable?

-  As you can see its now pretty hard to miss.


g) You asked us to make it easier to find the basket button?

-  Once you add a product to your basket a very large basket button now appears. This means you no longer have to go to the very top of the page to see what is in your basket.


h) Many customers have asked us if we take American Express cards?

-  Amex charges used to be so high, that in most cases we would make so little profit on products that it was not possible to take Amex cards. American Express has now droped their charges considerably, and therefore we have agreed to start accepting American Express cards.


i)  Customers asked if we could make it easier to identify Fire Doors?

-  Every Fire Door now has a flame next to it to make identification and finding the door you require easier.


If you have any suggestions to make our site even better than it is, please ring or send us a quick contact message.