Terms & Conditions

1) Payment Terms

Goods must be paid for in full when placing your order you may pay by debit, credit card, bacs or Paypal. We are not able to accept cheques. 

When you pay for your goods through our website by Visa or Mastercard you will be prompted to enter your password for Verified by Visa or 3D Secure (Mastercard). This is to help prevent your card from being used fraudulently.

"The 3-D Secure™ protocol was developed by Visa to improve the security of Internet payments. The protocol is offered with the service name Verified by Visa. MasterCard has also adapted a similar protocol called MasterCard SecureCode. Both are designed to allow authentication of cardholders by their Issuers at participating merchants. The objective is to benefit all participants by providing Issuers the ability to fully authenticate cardholders through the use of a password during Internet purchases, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent usage of Visa and MasterCard credit cards and improving overall transaction performance."

To find out more about Verfied by Visa click here http://www.visa.co.uk/en/security/online_security/verified_by_visa.aspx

2) Order Confirmation

You must check the order confirmation carefully and contact us immediately, by email, if there are any corrections required.

If you require us to hold your order for any reason, you  need to contact us, immediately, by email, to delay delivery.

3) Door and Furniture Warranty

All products are covered by a manufacturers warranty providing all our procedures have been adhered to (see Door Treatment etc). Our Suppliers have a 10 year manufacturers warranty in place (providing the door has been treated in accordance with the treatment instructions). We are not able to offer a warranty for any products that are exported by customers overseas (non mainland U.K.). *Please note the warranty is only valid for the person or company who purchased the product and is not transferable. We cannot warranty a door if it is damaged by severe weather, such as flooding etc.


3a) Are your doors solid oak, pine, hardwood etc?

It is normal for doors to be made from engineered components. This means that the doors will be a veneer of oak, hardwood, pine etc. over a composite core which may consist of any of the following; Timber, MDF or Chipboard. There is a possibility of other materials being used. MDF is used on the faces of all internal white primed doors to acheive a smooth finish.

You cannot trim more than 6mm off each side of a door.

Constructing doors like this gives the door more stability as they are less prone to problems that one piece timber doors have, such as twisting & bowing. 

The other important reason for this is there is less waist and therefore it is kinder to the environment.

Timber is a natural product and can vary in shades and grain. We can not therefore guarantee that all doors will match exaclty in shade and grain.


3b) Composite Doors

Fitting of a composite door should be carried out by a qualified fitter.

99% of problems encountered are due to the composite door and frame not being fitted properly i.e. level. This will cause the locking system to work incorrectly. Please make sure that the problems you are encountering are not due to incorrect fitting.

Please make sure your composite door is fitted correctly.


3c) Frames and products that come with frames.

Before building an opening for any frame or product that comes complete with a frame, the opening (or removal of the old frame and door) must be constructed after the product has been delivered and inspected. We will not accept any claims for damages one the frame has been constructed or worked on.

3d) Please note all our doors are engineered (not solid oak). We are not able to obtain one piece sold oak doors due to the prohibative cost and ecology.

4) Brassware

No guarantee is given to the longevity of lacquer which has been applied to brass, please see our FAQ section for care information.

5) Advising of Faults / Damages

Please check the goods supplied and notify us of any faults within 48 hours by email. This must be done before fitting. We will require images of the fault. We will not accept any complaints after the goods have been fitted or worked on. Please make sure that you are happy with the product before fitting it. Colour match cannot be rectified after the door(s) have been fitted. One the product has been fitted it is legally deemed to have been accepted (as long as there is not a manufacturing fault).

If you collect your door(s) or arrange your own collection, we will not be responsible for any damage once the door(s) have left our premises.

6) Shortages

You must notify us of any shortages, by email, on the day of the delivery.

7) Returns Policy

If your order has already been dispatched or delivered you will need to follow our returns procedure.

If the door is returned to us we will offer you a full refund as long as you have contacted us by email. You will receive a full refund providing you have returned the goods to us within 30 days of receiving them. If we receive the product and it is not in the same condition we sent it or it has missing components we will charge you for the cost of the missing components.

We will make the refund no later than 14 days after the day we receive the goods. We will refund through the same payment system that was used for your purchase. If an exchange of goods is required we will charge again for delivery at the full rate.

If we are not able to deliver the goods through no fault of our own, for example, no one is there to sign for and accept the goods, we will need to charge for re-delivery at the full rate. If the customer then decides to cancel the order we will not refund the delivery charge as we will have had to pay the courier for the aborted delivery.

If you have decided that the goods aren't what you wanted and you change your mind, then you are responsible for returning your goods to us. In this instance, you would be responsible for the cost of returning the item to us. We recommend all customers return goods using a fully insured service, to cover yourself in case of loss or damage, if the goods are damaged in transit when being returned, then we will be unable to offer a refund. We are able to advise on a selection of courier services (below) which you can use in order to get the items back to us. 

We will not refund any delivery charges initially paid by the customer, if the customer has changed their mind and wants to return the goods.

If we paint, stain or prime a door for a customer we will not accept the return of the product unless there is a fault or damage has been reported with 48 hours of receiving the door.

*Please note we can only accept items back if they are in their original packaging, which must be undamaged. Also the items themselves must not be damaged. You must also send us your return request in writing by email. We will not be able to accept returns after 14 days if the item(s) have been specially ordered.

We now have to charge up to a 20% restocking charge as our suppliers charge us if we return any stock to them. We will only apply a restocking charge if the goods were ordered in error, by our customer, or the customer changed their mind and request to return the goods. 

8) Refunds

Refunds are made as soon as the returned goods have been checked for damage. We will refund through the same payment system that was used for your purchase. Delivery charges will not be refunded under any circumstances where the customer has ordered the goods incorrectly and the goods have been delivered. If an exchange of goods is required we will charge again for delivery at the full rate.

If we are not able to deliver the goods through no fault of our own, for example, no one is there to sign for and accept the goods, we will need to charge for re-delivery at the full rate. We will not accept cancellation of the goods if we experience problems with delivery that are out of our control.

9) Website Images and Colours

Images and timber colours on our website are used to represent the design of the doors. Designs and colours of the images should not be taken as a true reflection of the doors that we would deliver. Some of the images have been stained or varnished. The doors that we supply will be unfinished unless otherwise stated.

Timber is a natural product and therefore is liable to colour variations. Manufacturers and suppliers try to colour match the timber in each door but are not able to give a guarantee that one door will match another.

10) Specifications

All orders are subject to availability. Due to our policy of continuous product development, we reserve the right to amend product designs, alter specifications or withdraw products without prior notice. Dimensions may vary slightly from those on our web site/ brochures. All glass in our doors is toughened, as required by law and will be stamped with a toughening stamp which should be clearly visible.

11) Standard Conditions of Sale

We shall not be held responsible for any incidental work or expenses arising out of, or because of, any defect or bad workmanship applied to our product.

In the event of any goods proving to be defective (Manufacturers defects only) which need replacing, our liability shall not exceed the price paid for these goods. We reserve the right to repair or replace the product.

If a fault rather than defect develops after a door is fitted, written notice of the fault must be sent to us within 12 months from the date of delivery. We reserve the right to repair or replace the said product.

No claim will be honoured unless a site inspection is performed by an authorized representative.

This guarantee does not cover any other charges incurred such as labour for removal of the defective door, re-hanging of new/or replacement door, transportation to and from site reimbursement for any other work/service not originally supplied by Kaybee.

We are not able to offer any warranties for goods that are being exported by customers outside the UK Mainland.

12) Retention of Title Clause

Title to goods shall not pass to the customer but shall remain the sellers until the contract price has been paid to the seller in full by the customer.

   1. The seller shall have absolute authority to retake, sell or otherwise deal with or dispose of all, any or part of the goods in which title remains vested in the seller.
   2. For the purpose specified in (1) above, the seller or any of its agents or authorized representatives shall be entitled at any time without notice to enter upon any premises in which the goods or any part thereof is installed, stored or kept, or is reasonably believed so to be:
   3. The seller shall be entitled to seek a court injunction to prevent the customer from selling, transferring or otherwise disposing of disposing of the goods.
   4. the buyer shall store or otherwise denote the goods in respect of which property remains with the seller in such a way that same can be recognized as the property of the seller.
   5. Not withstanding the foregoing, risk in the goods shall pass on delivery of the same to the customer, and until such time as title in the goods has passed to the customer, the customer shall insure such goods to its replacement value (naming the seller as the loss payee) (noting the sellers interest on the relevant insurance policy) and the customer shall forthwith upon request provide the seller with a certificate or evidence of such insurance.

13)  E. & O.E throughout this entire website.

14) Delivery Service

We deliver anywhere in the UK mainland. Deliveries will take place between Tuesday through to Friday. If delivery is required on any other days this must be requested and then confirmed by ourselves by email.

If free delivery is agreed and someone is not at the delivery address as arranged to accept the goods then re-delivery will be charged at standard rate for the post code. If a refund is given for the goods the standard delivery charge will be deducted from the refunded total as well as a re-stocking charge if applicable. Fitting should not be arranged before you receive the goods. We will not be responsible for any costs (or remedial work costs) incurred if you choose to ignore our advice. We will deliver doors to the outside of your property. If you require us to carry doors into your property you do so at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any damage to the interior of your property.

We will not be held responsible for any goods (or part of) that are missing once they have been signed for.

Please see Delivery Charge Page for prices.    


How to Protect your Door


Paint and peel must be removed before hanging............ We are not able to accept any claims for scratched glass after the doors have been fitted.

*If we paint / stain or varnish your door for you you must make sure that any trimmed edges are re-treated. Failure to do this will invalidate your warranty.

Door Treatment

   1. Make sure all doors are sanded before treatment so that the best possible finish may be achieved.

   2. It is most important that prior to fitting, the door must be fully treated
   3. For Exterior Doors both front and rear surfaces, the sides and both top and bottom edges and any cut outs (locks, letter plates, hinges etc) must be treated with a minimum of four coats of a proprietary branded finish or paint suitable for this purpose.
   4. For Interior Doors both front and rear surfaces, sides, top and bottom must be treated with a minimum of 4 coats of micro-porous proprietary branded finish or the equivalent suitable for this product. When painting doors use one or two coats of undercoat and at least two coats of paint.
   5. Timber is a naturally grown material subject to changes due to variations of humidity and temperature. It is therefore vital that particular attention be paid to the top and bottom edges where the grain is most exposed and where moisture can easily penetrate causing swelling, splitting and warping. Open joints will occur if these areas are not properly treated.
   6. Doors should be reduced in size equally from both sides, top and bottom when fitting (no more than 6mm of each side). You must not fit locks on any joints as this weakens the door and could cause an opening of the joints. 

We do not provide a fitting service so we advise all customers not to book fitters until they have received the relevant goods. We shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages, charges, or expenses caused by any delay for delivery of the goods.

Door integrity cannot be guaranteed under severe weather conditions. We will not be held resposible for any damage that may occur to your door(s) in the event of extreme weather conditions.

Please note that timber is a natural product therefore there may be differences in shading between the styles, top rail, base rail and panels etc. We are not able to colour match if you choose to have your doors stained or painted by us. The Ronseal colours displayed on the website may appear slightly different to the actual colour depending on your monitor settings. We recommend that premium quality Varnish with a tint and stain be used. DO NOT USE CLEAR VARNISH ON EXTERNAL PRODUCTS AS IT DOES NOT OFFER ENOUGH PROTECTION AND WILL INVALIDATE YOUR WARRANTY. We do not recommend the use of water based primers as this may cause the veneer to lift, solvent based primers must be used. If you use a water based primer you do so at your own risk.

When purchasing a pre-primed door you must apply at least one final top coat of quality paint.

*ALL EXTERNAL PRE-FINISHED DOORS MUST BE RE-TREATED AT LEAST EVERY TWO YEARS (*THIS INCLUDES RONSEAL 5 OR 10 YEAR WOODSTAIN). If three to four coats of clear varnish are applied tthe door or frame may require recoating once a year depending on weather contions.

*While Ronseal call their product "Ronseal 5/10 Year Woodstain" this is only in optimum conditions, which very rarely exist. Therefore we recommend that you re-treat the door every 2 years or this may invalidate your warranty.

*Please note all XL Joinery external pre-finished doors and door sets are treated with a waterbased stain. When re-treating you must not use a solvent based stain as this may react with the waterbased stain and cause the finish to deteriorate and the doors to delaminate etc.XL Joinery have stated that if this happens they will not warranty the door / door set.

Oils (including Danish Oil and Polyx oil), dyes and waxes. Oil products of any type must not be used on external doors. Also yacht varnish and wood preserver must not be used as they provide inadequate protection and their use will invalidate your warranty!

The manufacturers state that a weather bar must be used on all external doors (except folding sliding doors), even if a lowline cill (exitex) is used.

Wood preserver must not be used on any of our doors as it is not suitable for use on any kilned products.

Please note Ronseal have informed our door suppliers that their External Varnish (the one with the door on the front of the tin) is not sutable for veneered doors. While we belive this is very misleading, if the product is used it will invalidate your warrantee as it does not give enough protection and therefore may cause the veneer to bubble or lift.

(Johnstone's quick dry satin woodstain states that 2 or more coats need to be applied. Please note that at least 4 coats must be applied to all veneered doors as two coats will not offer adequate protection and will not seal the door properly. If you use only 2 coats you will invalidate your warranty.)


*The addition of a cat flap to any door will invalidate the warranty as this alters the structure and will also allow moisture to penertrate.

When finishing your door or frame in our paint shop, we are not able to colour match to other items you have in your home or business.

 In the interest of environmental concerns and improved performance products may contain mixed timber of various species with veneered finish. Panels are either laminated timber or MDF with a veneered overlay.

 *Please note if we are finishing your door for you it may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.