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Fire Walnut Pre-Finished

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To save you time and money Fire doors pre-finished walnut now come pre-finished. That is to say several layers of lacquer are added to the Fire doors pre-finished walnut at the factory for a perfect finish. Fire doors pre-finished walnut is extremely popular with people in the building trade as they can hang the doors without waiting for them to be varnished or lacquered. Varnishing or lacquering Fire doors pre-finished walnut can take up to seven days depending on how many coats you use on it. Walnut pre-finished fire doors can be hung immediately so that builder or tradesperson can move onto the next job without delay. If your Fire doors pre-finished walnut needs to be trimmed then you need to coat the edges with a clear varnish to protect the door and stop moisture from entering the timber and damaging the veneer. Walnut furniture is becoming more and more popular and people with walnut furniture will purchase Fire doors pre-finished walnut. Some Fire doors pre-finished walnut have inlays. That is to say they have a form of marquetry in the veneer. This inlay is normally applied by hand and can sometimes be quite intercut. Walnut Fire doors are available in contemporary or traditional styles. Once upon a time Fire doors pre-finished walnut were extremely expensive but due to modern manufacturing methods using veneers the prices have come down drastically so that Fire doors pre-finished walnut are more affordable than ever.
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